Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Artworld's version of VOGUE (or Page Six?)

So a lot of people don't admit that they either do not read ARTFORUM any more, or that keep their stack in their bathroom (as one of the most intelligent curators I know does!) but I am not ashamed to say that I read it much like VOGUE, for the ads, which like VOGUE, take up about 75% of the "content." Also, I am not ashamed to say that the most fun part of ARTFORUM (if you exclude the Top Ten lists or the recent Feb. issue where Rob Storr *my Idol* popped off in his Letter to the Editor) is actually on-line, the ARTFORUM DIARY.

This online feature is similar to an Artworld version of HELLO! magazine but the pictures are not as interesting, and we don't get those faboo stories featuring the homes of Artworld Celebs, such as "Inside Artworld Fashionista Shamim Momin's Closet!" Speaking of, I recently learned that fashion designers lend hot curators outfits to rock in openings that are, of course, covered in places like ARTFORUM DIARY and allow for product placement, so "Sexy Powerful Curator X" wore "Prada" to Sexy Show of Powerful Artworld Insider at Establishment Museum." This is a lovely parallel to the product placement that often occurs when corporate entities fund shows whose content coincides with their product, or when gallerists partially fund their artists' shows, or finally, when artists are shown who have some familial/romantic link with a curator or gallerist married to a curator, you get the picture. For helpful examples of such incestuous Artworld pairings, you can read between the lines or check out the captions of the ARTFORUM Diary.

For a fun parody of ARTFORUM DIARY, cut and paste the link below to your browser:

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