Friday, August 22, 2008

La Leti's Rhinoplasty

For the royal families of Europe, it's been a busy news week. Usually this is a slow time, because they are at beaches in Ibiza, Mallorca or Monte Carlo, or else in Kenya on safari. Sadly the horrific plane crash in Madrid cut the trips to Mallorca or the Beijing Olympics short. And the terrible car crash of the Bulgarian "prince" Kardam and his Spanish wife Miriam also has put a damper on things. The big news however is that Casa Real has sent out a statement announcing that Princess Royal Letizia had a nose job. Now they use some technical-sounding name to explain that it's a medical procedure only, but let's keep it real, that big bump is gone from her wizened anorexic-seeming face. I find it fascinating that again the Casa Real does not have her back. Because when Queen Sofia allegedly had work done (face lift), ditto Infanta Cristina (nose job), and the King looked rather "refreshed" nobody admitted anything. And when Queen Sofia's mother as it is rumored, died from complications related to plastic surgery, they sure did not cop to that, either. Why then are they doing this to Leti? Not that I am a fan. And frankly, the more these people become like vulgar celebs the better, perhaps then Spaniards will realize that they are not divinely endowed to rule and finally we'll have a republic!