Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why is this blog called PETITE MAOISTE?


The name for the blog comes from a nickname that someone I loved came up with many years ago, it has nothing whatsoever to do with my ethnicity (in fact I am half Puerto Rican and half Spanish) or my politics, but something to do with my fervor & fashion. The topics as I mention in About me, are things that amuse, interest, and sometimes disturb me, some of which have to do with my academentia. They often evolve from conversations with my close friends.

Miss Universe Fixed!?!

Guanabee is on my top list of favorite blogs, but they have outdone themselves today with their big Pageantry scoop, an interview with the choreographer/conceptual genius behind the staging. The big headline, The Donald allegedly sometimes does a pre-selection of the best looking women (wait! you mean looks are the ultimate criteria?) up to around 5 or 6 of the top 15. So THIS explains the proliferation of Eastern European ladies in the final 15 and 10 this year. I feel vindicated.
Below is the link to the article and a juicy quote about why us Latinas do so well in the pageant.

Moving on, obviously we’re all about the Latinas who are competing in the Miss Universe pageant. What do you think, since you have a right up-close visual of it, what is their competitive advantage where they dominate the Universe?

Well, beauty is different in every culture of the world but when I think of “Miss Universe” I don’t typically think of blond hair and blue eyes. I don’t know why, even though that’s a look for Northern Europeans, that’s the look in Australia. When I think Miss Universe I think of a multi-ethnic look or more of an exotic Latin-inspired look. I also find that a lot of the Latin women just have a fire and a heat that you can’t teach, that’s a part of their culture. There’s just something that, I can’t put a name on it, but I find that a lot of the Latin contestants at this event have that extra oomph, that extra something, and they are not little girls. They are women.