Friday, May 2, 2008

Queen Elizabeth in a Shmatta: Priceless

These photos, posted on the Times Style blog, are by "society photographer Milton Gendel." When my friend Falleeeysha forwarded this, in the midst of a very hectic day, it made my week. Note Andre Leon Talley and Lord Snowdon in their leopard skin coats - endangered road kill! And below Queen Elizabeth II in her kilt, blouse and shmatta / du-rag accompanied by her pack of Corgis. Is there anything camper than this, because if there is, and Lord knows I am a connoisseur of that genre, I don't know what is. But readers, do send any suggestions! 

Here is the link to the HILARIOUS post (and don't miss the festival of faggotry and cattiness that ensues in the coments!)