Saturday, November 20, 2010

Julio Iglesias' Ex Tells All - For JZ

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Last night Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias' ex Vaitiare appeared on my favorite muti-hour gossip chat show Donde estas, corazon? (DEC) to plug her new tell-all book. So I had to put down my HOLA! magazine where I'd been reading excerpts from the not so tell all sexual/spiritual memoir of dictator Francisco Franco's scandal-mongering granddaughter, Carmen, to watch. Carmen deserves her own entry, so I will leave it at that - for now. Vaitiare met Julio in the 1980s when he cast her in the Tahitian-themed video for "Tropeze de nuevo con la misma piedra" (below) which translates as, I tripped again on the same stone.

Which is amusing because like his ex wife, the eternally chic Filipina beauty, Isabel Preysler, Vaitiare was Asian, young and gorgeous when he met her. The latter was however, underage, 17 when they allegedly hooked up and from there according to the memoir she was a kind of sexual servant who traveled all over the world with him and took part in all kinds of unsavory activities. Of course the announcer had to refer to the Tahitian beauty as "EXOTIC" in typically Spanish fashion. And of course one of the commentators had to inquire about the pot smoking with Julio noting that naturally since Bob Marley enjoyed the drug she did too, coming from Haiti as she did. So not only did this idiot not get the difference between Tahiti and Haiti (pronounced similarly in Spanish) but he confused Jamaica with the latter.

Vaitiare tried to come across as gracious and complimented Julio every chance she got, all the while making all kinds of scandalous comments and innuendo. Using the now commonplace rhetoric for these shows she said she wrote the book as a kind of therapy for herself and that it was not so much about Julio but about "her truth." (Es MI verdad.) Now, when I see the word "truth" modified by anything, that sets off alarm bells. But maybe that's me. In any event, whenever she was pressed on the details about sex or drugs, she replied "It was the 80s." (Eran los ochentas, you know?)

The video itself is priceless, just a shot of him singing surrounded by "Tahitian" beauties right out of a hieratic Gauguin painting.