Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama Cult of Personality Part ?????

This was posted by a CNN reporter on his Twitter feed and is the shirt that Anderson Cooper gave to Pres. Obama (who laughed) during their interview in Ghana a couple of nights ago. It matches a dress I had made from fabric I purchased on 125th Street. In fact, I rocked the dress last night, drawing friendly looks and even smiles from normally hardened New Yorkers on the G and L train! The dress was also a big hit at the Venice Biennial, when passing Eurotrash, wealthy biennialistas, and other artworld luminaries stopped to chat in several languages and took my picture. LoL

You got some esplainin to do......

Brilliant Rachel Maddow summation of GOP white male panic pushback that leads them to overt racism. Priceless is Pat Buchanan's comments regarding the threat to traditional affirmative action for White males through her activist efforts on behalf of affirmative action for so-called minorities. Of course, Buchanan doesn't refer to the traditional old-boy network as affirmative action for white males!

Ironically, Maddow does not call out her colleague at MSNBC Chris Matthews, for his overtly racist (and sexist) comments regarding Sotomayor. I cannot find the video, but during yesterday's hearings, I saw him asking rhetorically about the possible success of Sotomayor's strategy to behave in a cooly neutral manner to disguise her "passionate, hot blooded temper." He was mentioning this alleged effort to tamp down the accusations regarding her fiery temperament in the context of a general discussion about the boring nature of the discussion and Sotomayor's refusal to be drawn into any controversial statements. He said this "did not make for good TV" and that she sat there taking notes and replying in a measured manner.

I did find a clip of Matthews' own show last night, where apparently he did not go there with the hot blooded, angry out of control stereotypes but he did discuss the nominee's cool demeanor, jokingly asking if she'd been well-trained and given quaaludes. Even Robinson, the token African American, made a reference to the coaching needed to make Sotomayor behave in such as boring manner, as if she had taken downers.

Maybe it's me, but would they ask if a white man had been given quaaludes when he behaved in a professional manner during Senate questioning? Why is he not discussing the out of control emotions of hysterical philanderer Mark Sandford, Vicodin addict Rush Limbaugh, screaming sociopaths such as Glenn Beck? And then Buchanan calls her a "militant Latina" and says she would not quality for Princeton because she is a Puerto Rican, the only way she could get in is via affirmative action, asking for her LSAT scores to be released. Why is Buchanan not asking for Dubya's report cards to be released? As is well-known, 43 only got into an Ivy because of the affirmative action for white men common in those schools, where there are quotas for family members of alums.