Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Medical Miracle

The story of the woman who had "twins"  by two men has been all over the news. Like the chupacabra, such a marvelous occurrence is only seen in one-in-a-million cases. Apparently, this happens when a lady has a booty call with two men in a short span of time, and is impregnated almost simultaneously. The result: two babies born at once, allegedly twins but fathered by two men. They say they became concerned when they saw how different the babies looked. But could not this be the case when the twins are fraternal? In any event, her fiancee is a real gentleman, he has forgiven her and will raise the two ADORABLE babies as his own. 

I just love how a. they go public, and b. how she says at the end that she won't tell the other man about his baby but does she not realize that he will surely see it on local, national, cable television, and the internet? She claims going public is her way to warn others not to be unfaithful, but since this outcome happens once in a million, it seems to me she is being disingenous and is just cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame. In any case, this medical miracle and case of true love distracts us from the economic free-fall, Obama's refusal to prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes and release the newest torture photographs. 

As usual, the press is the opiate of the people.