Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rocio Jurado Statue Made of Chocolate

It does not get any better than this! Spanish chanteuse, Rocio Jurado, la Mas Grande, may she rest in peace, is reproduced as a life-size chocolate statue for the second time. The Rocio Jurado Cult of Personality rivals those of Mao or Hugo Chavez. Let's hope that this chocolate monument becomes an annual commemorative event. Someday I will write an article (perhaps in one of those campy academic journals interested in pop culture, where people like me can analyze such popular phenomena experienced by everyday people and suck the life out of them using theoretical jargon). Fun! I love my job. Today's cantaora is tomorrow's historical figure, so don't be too quick to judge, future tenure committee. Let this Model Minority keep it "real." (even though we know there is no such thing as "the real.")