Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Polygamist Fashion Statements

I know that it's totally un-PC and anti-feminist to joke about the fashion when these women are subjected to masculinist abuse in this creepy polygamist dissident Mormon sect. And reading about them reminds me of that scary dystopian allegory of Reagan-era America that was "The Handmaid's Tale." 

But is it just me, or does their hair not have a certain anatomical resonance? Fetishism at work, I guess. Cover the body to cloak female uncleanliness and temptation, but then displace the Va-jay-jay to the hairstyle. And I loved reading an article that compared their style to that of the sullen, humorless and joylessly nerdish Chloe Sevigny.

Check out this CNN article that breaks down the symbolism behind the fashion.

Fabulous for us ignorant Gentiles

This is a fun way to learn about Passover, thanks to my friend AK who shared it with me! Gracias, mami.
And happy belated Passover to you all.

Terrifying But True

A friend whom I will call "LaShariah" sent this photo of a car she saw while taking her own car in for repairs somewhere in New England. Terrifying.