Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jezulin de Ubrique - Torero, cantante.....y mucho mas

1990s hit song by barely-literate torero Jesulin de Ubrique - it's called "Toda, toda, toda" (but we call it "Toa, toa, toa" because of his Andalusian pronunciation) who used to hold free bullfights for women only, who showed off his balls when he was gored by a bull to prove he still had both, who refers to himself thus "es que soy un fenomeno, coño," another classic phrase was when he described an event as "en dos palabras IM PREZIONANTE" - in two words IM PRESSIVE.

Here is an article about his finca called Ambiciones (Ambitions) which is a compendium of nouveau riche Baroque Andalusian kitsch.