Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prince Harry in New York

I confess that I have a problem. Despite my academic training, which allows me to discern the difference between an actual situation and propaganda, and to analyze images as representation; and my political views - diametrically opposed to monarchy - I'm swooning over Prince Harry. Objectionable in many ways, idle, seemingly not too bright (at least he admits to doing poorly in school), racist - he dressed as a Nazi for a costume party and has made derogatory remarks about Pakistanis, and this is just what we know about publicly, he has been groomed for the media by doing junkets like this one in NY. Some believe his wish to fight in Afghanistan was real and redeems him.

All I know is that he often graces the slick large format pages of HOLA on African vacations with his shapely blond now ex girlfriend Chelsea, one of several young aristocrats - such as the glamorous but underfed Monegasque - Italian children of faded party girl Caroline of Monaco (who is now Princess of Hannover, long story, her husband is an incontinent drunken German prince) whose lives seem to consist of constant vacations. Believed to be the son of the late Lady Di's gorgeous, red-headed riding instructor (you cannot make this up) James Hewitt, the older this boy gets the more this theory seems to be proven by his evident ginger good looks. Because Prince Charles and William are not aging well. A trip to Ground Zero, the Harlem Children's Zone, and later a benefit Polo Match for some charity he and a South African aristocrat founded comprised the official visit. Had I known about the location of the polo match, I probably would have gone there. Revolting, but true, my readers.