Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dictator Porn

This one could be the cover of a Danielle Steele novel.

Here, apparently auditioning for a Playgirl pictorial, Putin showcases his delectable moobs. Now that Gisele is pregnant, Victoria's Secret will be giving him a call.

This one is something out of a hunting publication, MANDATE or some other gay magazine.

The AP hires comedic geniuses to write their articles. The evidence is in an article signed by someone called Lynn Berry titled "KG Beefcake" (link below) describing what is now an annual tradition: Vladimir Putin's summer pictorial. It begins with a reference to the "Czarboro man." I only wish I'd thought of this first!

SOURCE: All photos AP

Mariquita Perez Dolls

According to Wikipedia, the Mariquita Perez doll was produced in Spain from 1938-1976.

I don't believe I ever owned one of these sinister figures, but she is clearly the height of ideal Francoist girlhood. I guess she was a bit like the American Girl dolls now, but more of a Fascist Girl doll. Spanish readers, please enlighten me about this phenomenon, because I have heard of her, but I was a Nancy fan. ( For Nancy, see link below)

Above is my personal favorite, a Mariquita in Goyesque garb, to imitate a famous portrait of the Duchess of Alba.

Here she is taking her First Communion

There are more pictures of her in the blog below: