Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mariquita Perez Dolls

According to Wikipedia, the Mariquita Perez doll was produced in Spain from 1938-1976.

I don't believe I ever owned one of these sinister figures, but she is clearly the height of ideal Francoist girlhood. I guess she was a bit like the American Girl dolls now, but more of a Fascist Girl doll. Spanish readers, please enlighten me about this phenomenon, because I have heard of her, but I was a Nancy fan. ( For Nancy, see link below)

Above is my personal favorite, a Mariquita in Goyesque garb, to imitate a famous portrait of the Duchess of Alba.

Here she is taking her First Communion

There are more pictures of her in the blog below:


madrina said...

Mi madre tuvo una en Cuba y me regaló una cuando yo era pequeña. Deja ver si la encuentro, ya que estoy segura que mi madrina no me la ha botado...

Petite Maoiste said...

gracias Madrina y gracias por leer mi blog!