Friday, March 7, 2008

Minister Can't Renounce His Love of Bling-Bling

My fabulous new facebook (for now though I plan to meet her in the summer!) friend in PR sent me a link to this fundamentalist propaganda film that claims that a church in the middle of nowhere in PR is the recipient of miraculous golden showers of jewels. The pastor, a former drag queen and homosexual who has renounced his "sin," alleges that since he took over the ministry, precious gems fall from the sky and appear in the humble place of worship. Clearly, Miss Thing cannot quite let go of her love of bling bling (el amol pol el blinblineo es muy fuelte) and also, this dovetails nicely with Boricuas' fascination with their Island's "specialness" and "supernaturalness."


Narciso Espejo said...

I love this story. Is the minister, by any chance, Walter Mercado?

El blinblineo goes well with the Catholic Church. The Pope wears Prada shoes (red!!!) specially designed for his Holy Mission.



P.S. Where did you find that friend? Ws it Faithbook or Facebook?

Petite Maoiste said...

My fabulous friend shared this story. She is a glamorous member of the artistic intelligentsia en la Isla with a keen sense of camp. ;)

I love your Walter Mercado comparison! He used to have a TV show in the 90s and had some very homoerotic segments allegedly promoting the glory of the Lord. He has also a queer "protege" who is called "El Nin~o Prodigio." BTW The only thing I like about the Pope is his taste in shoes, and his gorgeous male assistant, who also rocks Prada and Gucci, hmmmm?

Finchy said...

This is too good to be true. Everything about it. What is this report? "The heart of San Juan"?? Amazing!!!!

Petite Maoiste said...

if you check the other posts that pop up on you tube when you see this surreal one, there is a cache of things related to missionaries, fundamentalists etc. on the Island....