Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I will be your mirror

Thanks to Facebook, frequent travel and the fact that many people eventually pass through the New York City area, I have been introduced virtually and then actually to several absolutely amazing people who are friends of friends. People I might never have met but for the fact that someone I love went to school with, worked with, husband worked with, met at a conference etc. etc. I have spent months - often communicating several times a day or per week - with someone I have never been in the same room with, swapping amusing news stories, links to this blog, kvetching about politics...laughing hysterically over things they write or send to me. I love introducing my best friends to each other too, it makes me feel like I am less far away from them. (Many of my closest friends no longer live in the same city as me)

In order to facilitate these virtual introductions, my very articulate friends began to circulate "bios" of each of us each time a new person joined our circle of satire, tastelessness, camp, cultural critique and discussions about Anna Nicole Smith, Iris Chacon and whathaveyou. Here is my "bio":

She puts the Panic back in Hispanic. Classy, savvy, and able to negotiate HOLA magazine alongside Derrida's most complex
semiotic analyses while getting a pedicure in Manhattan. Has subverted every notion ever held on gender and performance and
ethnicity by being HOT HOT HOT in every way. Masters every linguistic register known to mankind. She can dine with HRH Elena de Borbon and bitch about Britney with a faded drag queen, all in one day. As a Hasbean she maintains a respectable level of lust for cleavage, punk rock, and Penelope Cruz's sister.

Now, if only this would also work as a way to find a boyfriend......

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