Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mass Graves in Spain

SOURCE: EL PAIS see link to article detailing the survey map of known mass graves. According to Amnesty International, the country with the second largest number of mass graves, after the first which is Cambodia, is Spain.

The graphic above, created by EL PAIS, is a provisional map of locations of mass graves where thousands of victims of the genocidal Franco dictatorship still lie. Survivors and witness - and of course perpetrators with impunity - have died, complicating the discovery of the sites. Over 100,000 names of disappeared people were submitted to Judge Baltasar Garzon, who requested them to open up cases against the dictatorship. There was an Amnesty law in 1977 that prevented investigation except by scholars, family members, and volunteers. To this day the government does not provide official support for excavations of mass graves or DNA testing. The judge is currently being investigated thanks to complaints of judicial prejudice brought against him by Fascists (imagine if Nazis had been able to remove Nurenberg judges claiming they were biased?)

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