Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sarah Palin: Philosopher-in-chief

Alaska's now ex-Idiot in Chief, Sarah Palin, is surpassing even her own rhetorical peaks as she says goodbye to her people. Might the spunky ex-athlete and alleged MILF be pulling our leg? Why is it that most of what she says and does seems like something out of the mind of a naughty satirist? In a speech that would put Cicero to shame, she's already bestowed stellar platitudes about the government of the people and by the people, taken out of Wikipedia, commentary about Alaska's topography and weather you might find on the Travel or Weather Channel, and hectoring to the media about ethics. Here is where the true masterful ironies began. She, violator of ethics, lecturing anyone about this is priceless. But then in her usual articulate turn of phrase and flawless grammar she said "quit makin' things up" to the press. So she, the one who claimed President Obama was a Muslim and a terrorist, is the arbiter of truth. She also paraphrased Descartes' famous statement saying, "In Alaska, we eat, therefore we hunt" as her defense of the right to bear arms.

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