Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bomba in Loiza

undated film probably from the early 1950s based on the (fabulous! check out the young woman in the white flouncy dress, white stiletto pumps, and the hanky dangling from her wrist! starting on minute 12)

Familia Cepeda, undated footage

Bobmba in Ponce 1957

The narrator says that this is one of the purest "negroid" (his word) vestiges left in Puerto Rican culture, and that the bomba music and dance has an elegance that the Spanish colonial slave masters would envy!

This one is fantastic, it starts with the same family dancing above and goes forward until the 1970s.

More footage, from the early 1980s the narrator is talking about the preservation of our African heritage in Loiza.

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