Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Opera Chic!

The marvelous paragraph below, taken from a blog called Opera chic ( made my day:

Opera Chic tackled the high-drama night, Daniela Dessì's first Norma, decked out in the girl equivalent of a bulletproof vest -- a vintage Chanel black cashmere shell, Diane von Furstenberg black puff skirt (with pockets...omg how we <3>hat skirt!!). With classic Valentino black Mary Janes and the trusty midollino vintage Gucci bag. A shiny black Fay windbreaker to protect us from the naughty, chilly weather (it's still mild, fall-like weather around here, no summer for Italy yet)."

Thanks to my erudite and hilarious SuizoRican friend for sharing. 

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