Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teacher's Contract 1923

How very fitting that a brilliant Pagan (he knows who he is and I love him) friend from Madrid who finds the most amazing things in archives sent me this 1923 contract intended for a female teacher in Spain. Among the rules she must abide by are: 

must wear at least two slips 
must not fraternize with men
must not go into town and loiter in the ice cream shop
must remain single
must not smoke or drink
must not wear bright colors
must not dye one's hair
must scrub and mop the floors in the classroom

And much more!

On my way home on the revoltingly crowded and stifling subway, I was wondering, have I priced myself out of the dating (let alone marriage market)? I'm looking for an extremely smart, educated, cosmopolitan, and well-read man with a sharp sense of humor but I rarely meet such men. It does give me hope that women friends of mine do have fabulous boyfriends or husbands, who are also friends of mine! 

In the past few months I have met guys who seem fascinating - smart, well-educated, well-traveled, with a perverse sense of humor. They seem to find me interesting but nothing comes of it. So I am starting to wonder, should I pretend to be dumb? Should I relax my incredibly high standards? I definitely won't do the latter. My quality of life is so high that I'd rather not date at all if I have to go out with someone that bores me (or disrespects me, of course). Will I find someone who is up for discussing genocide as well as trash reality TV, politics, or travel? Someone who likes to dance, go to the beach or to the Fairway, try exotic foods, who also reads books and can discuss them intelligently. Someone who will watch grim documentaries as well as Miss Marple episodes on PBS, and maybe even fix my computer or things around the house? (just kidding about the last ones) Someone whose sense of humor is not politically correct? Someone who does not hate cats and isn't afraid of a woman with a very strong personality? No, I am dreaming. 

At least I should be grateful that my current teaching job doesn't entail my scrubbing floors or wearing two slips under my dresses, even if it does seem to destine me for spinsterhood (albeit, in my case, an extremely fabulous and glamorous spinsterhood)!!!!

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John said...

If your life represents spinsterhood, sign me up!