Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ingrid Marie Has Some Esplainin To Do.../Miss Puerto Rico...Petite?

She seems very much on the defensive...and is offering to take a polygraph. Stay tuned.

Luis Santiago author of a guide to pageantry


By the way, during my brief visit to the Island I was lucky to get a few gems in the El Nuevo Dia newspaper including an article about Luis Santiago, Producer of Miss Puerto Rico Petite (aren't most Misses in PR petite, like me, Petite Maoiste?) and Miss Puerto Rico Teen (love how this is all in English?!) published a "Guia Completa de competencia y entrenamiento para certamenes de belleza" (only $49.95!) Sadly I never made it to BORDERS in Plaza Las Americas - the largest mall in Latin America- so I don't have a copy of this invaluable guide to Pageantry to which I can refer. Santiago is the Evil Genius behind Ingrid Marie's Meteoric Rise. According to the article he has also trained Queens like Joyceline Montero, Yizette Cifredo and Roselyn Sanchez. If I were not in the arts, I think I would have become an anthropologist and done a dissertation on naming practices in Puerto Rico. Awesome. And in the same newspaper's social section called "MAGACIN" (the "i" of course has an accent) I found yet more poetic nomenclature just two of my favorites are YAMIL and YARANIKS (the latter sounds like a potentially lethal type of sushi).

Ingrid Marie's Pageantry Mentor, Santiago's resume is as follows, he helped Ingrid Marie win Miss Global Queen, and three of his other Puerto Rican pageantry proteges also won at Miss Global Teen, and Miss Global Petite. This must-read pageantry bible gives tips on potential questions, pageantry walk, how to choose hair and makeup, and "Pensamientos para Jesus" as well as "Pensamientos para una reina" for inspirational reading.

Now I have learned that on January 4, TLC is launching a Reality TV series called "Miss America: Reality Check" that involves behind-the-scenes make-overs of misses. I may just have to watch this, but it could easily become a pageantry addiction.

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