Thursday, December 20, 2007

BREAKING NEWS - Ingrid Marie did not lie!

I'd like to send a shout out to my fellow Boricua Pageantry Fan, who shared this REUTERS news article first thing this morning. This is the very same friend that I literally watch Miss Universe with over the telephone - yes, sadly she lives across the freaking country, so we swap staccato bursts of bitchery during commerical breaks. Yet this very friend says I should not have a blog because I need to write my (academic) book instead. Here's to you, mami chula!:

I don't know what I love most about this story, the fact that it made REUTERS, the names of the police personnel, Eddie, Ivonne, etc., the quotes at the end about how people are just "fanatical" and "passionate" about pageantry? I am just glad our girl Ingrid Marie has been vindicated, and, if all goes well, we will wipe the floor with Venezuela at Miss Universe!!
Probe: Beauty queen clothes were sprayed
By LILLIAM IRIZARRY, Associated Press Writer Wed Dec 19, 3:04 PM ET
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - After a flurry of accusations and skepticism, an exhaustive investigation has determined that someone did try to sabotage a beauty contestant's bid for the Miss Puerto Rico Universe by dousing her garments with pepper spray, police said Wednesday.

The attempt failed because Ingrid Marie Rivera maintained her composure while appearing before judges and cameras, then went backstage to remove her clothes and apply ice bags to her swollen and splotched face and body. She went on to win the crown last month.

Police will present the results of their three-week-long investigation to the district attorney, who will decide whether to file charges against the suspect, a volunteer at the pageant, said San Juan police detective Ivonne Reyes. Reyes refused to identify the volunteer or discuss a possible motive.

A black gown and the bathing suit that Rivera wore during the competition's final round tested positive for pepper spray, validating her claims of sabotage, police said. Allegations of sabotage were earlier questioned when another dress and a makeup brush tested negative for pepper spray.

"Miss Puerto Rico Universe was speaking the truth. She was being sincere about the allegations," Lt. Eddie Hernandez, a San Juan police spokesman, said Wednesday.

Extensive interviews led police to focus their suspicions on the volunteer and not a rival contestant, Hernandez said, adding that the pepper spray was likely applied when contestants and their assistants left the changing room. Five pageant officials who handled the clothes also were affected by the spray, he said.

About five volunteers worked during the competition, said pageant director Magali Febles, adding that organizers will screen volunteers more carefully because "there are some people who are very fanatical" about the contestants.

"We generate a lot of passion," she added.

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