Monday, August 20, 2007

US Pavilion Venice Biennial 2007

Granted, curating anything in the US pavilion is a thankless task. How do you make anything look good in a space that resembles a highway rest stop in Virginia? And anyone who has driving up 75 from the south going through VA knows what I mean, the rest stops are designed in a quaint neo-US-Colonial (not to be confused with the contemporary neo-US-Colonial in places like Puerto Rico, by which I mean Spanish Colonial architecture lovingly restored to Disney-like splendor, so that it may house a local branch of HOOTERS for the US tourists visiting Old San Juan on cruiseships) architectural style, to prepare visitors for Mount Vernon? But the lightbulb piece here made the pavilion look like a small town faux Colonial McMansion decked out at X-Mas time.

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