Monday, August 20, 2007

To the first-timer the Giardini is a lot like EPCOT

To the first-timer, the Biennial Giradini are a lot like EPCOT Center. Do you want to go Venezuela and eat typical chocolates? Great: this year's exhibition was a ranchito version of relational aesthetics meets 1970s trade fair, with Bolivarian Revolutionary cadres helpfully stirring in native dark chocolate powder into an acrid bitter paste? Just like EPCOT, you get to eat the typical foods!! (I always loved the mousse at "France" with its diminute Eiffel Tower) Or, do you want to wait in a line for 1 hour to see the German Pavilion, or wait 45 minutes in the Panini and Illy Latte line instead? (Mom! I am tired of "Mexico" I want to eat hot dogs at LIbby's Tomorrowland instead!)

Photo: Hapless and hungry artworld elites cue for paninnis and lukewarm lattes. This was akin to food ration cues in Eastern Bloc countries, what are they serving? I don't care, I am getting in line.

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