Friday, July 2, 2010

Why is the Governor Talking to a puppet?

Puerto Ricans were wondering when they would hear from Governor Fortuño after the heinous acts of police brutality that took place at the Capitol. After almost 24 hours, he finally emerged to answer questions. His first public appearance was perfectly appropriate, the opening of a Sam's Club, what could be better for a pro-American, Republican, Neo-Liberalism emulator than that? There and at another protocolary event, he refused reporters' questions. So where did he choose to address what some are calling a "constitutional crisis"? At one of the highest rated TV shows on the Island's main TV station, WAPA TV, called SUPER X-CLUSIVO.

A talk show hosted by our Island version of Waylon and Madam, LaComay and Hector Travieso (the latter's surname means "naughty" you can't make this stuff up). Here, LaComay, a puppet character invented by entertainer Kobbo Santarrosa, dishes the dirt on the latest news. She often signals a big scoop by saying, well, shouting, "PUEBLO DE PUERTO RICO, TENGO BOCHINCHE!!!!" Bochinche means gossip. Luridly made up a bit like a middle aged lady with dyed hair, lots of makeup, high heels and flashy clothes by Mr. Santarrosa, who is the voice of LaComay, the travestied personality often interviews people in the news, with the jocular Travieso as bochinche wingman, the EdMcMahon to her Johnny Carson, as it were.

So when I read the breaking new blog in El Nuevo Dia and saw in passing a reference to the Governor's appearance on Super X-Clusivo, I was shocked, but not altogether surprised, given the show's high ratings. Perhaps Fortuño thought this would be a softball interview with the stuffed demagogue. But he was wrong. With her screaming staccato delivery, LaComay asked her own and other questions submitted by viewers, and at one point ambushed him with a cut away to awaiting real journalist Rafael Lenin Lopez. (his real name, this just gets better and better). The handsome Lenin (as he is called) slammed the Governor with smart questions and rebutted his contradictions and evasions. A truly satisfying piece of television. When I posted the links (see below) on Twitter, one of my tweeps asked: "Why is he talking to a puppet?"

For more on LaComay (who also has a Facebook page) see here:

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