Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jeffrey Deitch auditions for Jersey Shore?

I have been relentlessly grim (again) lately, focusing on politics and frankly it is hard to sit around trying to
be funny in this blog when all I can think about is the strike at UPR or about people digging up mass graves
in Spain and Judge Garzon being removed from his post. But when I saw this news on twitter, it both
amused me, and made me look forward to the next time I teach about museum and art market ethics.
The video above apparently was shot when an unfortunate gallery visitor was jostled and fell into Deitch
at the apparently quite crowded May Day opening. Deitch popped off although in the image I don't see
any harm and his strawberry colored suit looks pristine. In any case, it is one of those real real artworld
moments that reminds me of "real" moments in reality TV such as the constant outbursts on Jersey Shore
or Real Housewives of NY.

On a serious note, here is the on-point blog post by Culure Grrrl discussing various ethical questions
emerging in response to Deitch's recent activities and planned exhibitions at MoCA.

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