Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Lady of France Sought: Must be a Multi-Lingual Neo-Liberal Slut

Sometimes I randomly find a story that hits it out of the park in terms of synergy - political, gossip, and HOLA magazine Eurotrash worlds collide. According to Gawker, someone came across an old video from a show called EUROTRASH (you cannot make this stuff up) hosted by an effete Frenchman and co-hosted that evening by Jean-Paul Gaultier (!!!) with guest star Carla Bruni, now Neo-Liberal Slut First Lady of France and wanna-be Jackie O, then known as an Italian model/starfucker. Her talking-points, besides discussing her sexual resume, were to pitch some phrase books enabling you to hook up with people in various languages. A bedside Berlitz to enable you to seduce your very own walking dictionary. The best is when she whispers melodiously: I want your finger up my ass (or as she says in English finger on my bottom, in a breathy BBC 4 accent) in Italian. Crass as the expression is, she proves my hypothesis that EVERYTHING in Italian sounds like poetry.


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