Monday, January 25, 2010

Salsa Sensual

Lalo Rodriguez, Puerto Rican Salsero.

I have been relentlessly grim recently, but the three of you that read this should not assume that Petite Maoiste has lost her (my, I don't want to speak in the third person like Richard Nixon or Bob Dole) sense of humor. Last night at a party with a witty international group of fellow sufferers of academentia, talk about the latest foreign films, German philosophy and cuisine, opera, and politics, we got to the topic of salsa sensual. This is a truly rich musical genre, and one of its classics is Lalo Rodriguez's "Devorame otra vez." The smooth musical arrangements echo the nuanced subtlety of its romantically chivalrous lyrics. The 1988 album where this song appeared, "Un Nuevo Despertar" had the best cover. Ever. Rodriguez sat majestically spread eagled on one of those 1970s huge round back wicker throne chairs clad in a satin bathrobe open to expose his extremely hairy chest. On either side of him stood a scantily clad jeva (Puerto Rican for hot lady). The chair was, oddly, placed in the middle of an indeterminate grassy location (probably the producer's patio in Caguas). I could not find a copy of the album cover, but it's better that way. Let the beautiful picture come to you in your mind. I attended a lecture by a noted philosopher/aesthetic theorist recently where, when talking about an artist's work, he dramatically went out of his way to let the audience know that no images were necessary. He could describe Francis Alys' video just as well. So, why not?

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