Thursday, October 1, 2009

PRC Fashion

As a scholar that writes on dictators' propaganda (and plans to write about an a case of propaganda and fashion at some later point), I was mesmerized by the sartorial display at the massive parade commemorating the 60th anniversary of the PRC. Maybe it's my residual trauma caused by being raised in part by fascists and living for a period in a country led by a military dictator that is the cause of my sarcastic responses to these kinds of displays, and attention to their "frivolous" aspects, like sartorial presentation.

I've never seen a world leader, dictator or not, ride around in a car equipped with microphones. At least while I was watching the parade, he did not use them, and in fact was quite rigid. The past Chinese leaders all wore dark business suits and ties, but Hu Jintao had on the most exquisite Mao jacket that looked like it was made of some type of silk.

These women looked to my ignorant US-American eyes like Communist Mary Kaye sales associates. The heart-shaped balloons were a bizarre contrast to the predominant tanks, missiles, guns, and marching troops. I have no idea which organization these women are affiliated with.

This uniform was a cross between a 1960s flight attendant and a majorette.

The skirts seemed awfully short to be worn in battle.

I was particularly struck by this cut-off view. Much of the official government footage used the over-head shot and the cut off views -omniscient eye surveying or part for the whole - both suggesting the massive number of troops, tanks, etc. In this case as well, the goose-stepping legs clad in the sexy white go-go into battle boots resemble images of the Rockettes on stage.


Maxarathiel Les'Shyerar said...

On the fashion sense of the PRC reminded me of the parades here in Puerto Rico in the 1960's, where the majorette (Batuteras) groups dominated the scene.

On the short skirts and Go-Go boots, it's all part of the plan to conquer us by rendering us befuddled and mystified by the beauty of long legged chinese beauties in very short mini-skirts while we are bayoneted to death by very determined male members of the People's Army. It's a great strategy shift since our last encounter during the Korean conflict in the 1950's
At least we will Wdie with a smile on our face.

On the pink-business-suit wearing brigade...well...have you ever heard of the Mary Kay Lipstick Precision Marching Brigade? Their famous slogan "Mary Kay salesladies of the World unite?
It's their most effective selling tool! An as you can see, the Chinese contingient is their largest.

Petite Maoiste said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!! And of course, the Mary Kay brigade -this is a guerrilla make up propaganda cell that unionized and became a top arm of the Party cadres around 1972. ;-)

Petite Maoiste said...

Now the USA has to compete, maybe they need a Guantanamo leggy Majorette Group to distract from the war crimes?

Maxarathiel Les'Shyerar said...

Yes! I think the USA is compelled to compete against the Chinese. After all waterboarding can be fun if you add Majorettes to the mix!