Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National Costumes

I am still reeling from the impact of the Miss Dominican Republic national costume. Allegedly, she is dressing as a native dominican republic islander. Well and good to rock a bedazzled and skimpy piece of fabric that barely covers your breasts and opens all the way up to your waist. And the lucite platform sandals that she got at Frederick's of Hollywood mail order are also well within the classy fashion we have come to expect. But the handcuffs? As my friend, another Wise Latina pointed out, perhaps the designer was trying to allude to the heady cocktail of racial mixture on the island - indigenous people and then just a little bit of slaves? Only in the twisted world of Miss Universe could someone incorporate shackles into a "national costume." In any event, she is GORGEOUS.

I have no words for the French can-can dancer and the Japanese geisha/hooker/porno Anime character/Noh performer outfit. Did she not get the memo? Your national costume is supposed to show you off to your best advantage. Look at Miss DR!!!! Miss Finland gets extra bonus points for featuring one of my all time favorite designers, Marimekko. Indeed the print used for the dress is the same one that decorates my bedroom as a duvet.

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