Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss Puerto Rico

Here is more information on the fabulous range of pageants open to young ladies in Puerto Rico. Besides Miss Puerto Rico Petite, open to women 5'5" and under (ie. 90% of Island females), my new favorite pageant Miss Puerto Rico Sepia, which calls for women with tez trigueña, an ambiguous term that hints at darker skin, but not too dark. Of course "sepia" means something quite different to cafe, chocolate, or any other euphemism.


Max said...

Given that the term "sepia" makes reference to a type of ink and, more to the point, to its origin--sepia or cuttlefish--it's worth noting the range of associations via morphology and gastronomy that the category opens. In other words, "mollusc" might be one of the best metaphors for a pageant.

Petite Maoiste said...

You are correct! I am blinded by my art focus because of course arroz con sepia, or rice with squid ink is black.