Monday, July 20, 2009

Isabel Pantoja y Julian Muñoz

Here los Morancos do a dead-on parody of frequent HOLA personaje and sinister copla/flamenco/bolero singer, widow of the great matador Paquirri, allegedly closeted bisexual, and Julian Muñoz, her boyfriend until recently. He is the former mayor of Marbella, who served jail time for financial corruption involving real estate development on the coast. The super sinister jailed politician is known for his revolting personal style featuring pelo engominado (gelled slicked back hair), male camel-toe (the pants go up to his arm pits), sunglasses, and greasy mustache. Sadly this type of grooming is not unusual among certain types of Spanish men.

Here they are in real life. You get bonus shots of La Pantoja when she was arrested for allegedly being in on her ex-boyfriend's corruption scheme, she is still waiting for her trial.

Here she is singing the song the Morancos' adapted, "Me enamora el alma" (My soul is enamored of you). They change the lyrics to a play on the words "my gun is stuck" and add some nice references to her failed restaurant venture with stolen money allegedly invested by Muñoz, whose star dish was the famous "pollo a la Pantoja."

Nice short re-cap of her bio-you can get a fleeting glimpse of her alleged ex and godmother to her (allegedly illegally adopted via jailed Peruvian leader Fujimori) daughter, Maria del Monte (the one in the beige pants suit, ahem).


Max said...

Dios los cria y el cutrerio los junta: Pantoja, Munoz y Fujimori??? OMG! Solo falta que Laura Bozzo haga un programa de TV sobre el tema.

Max said...

Dos de los Morancos que me encantan son:

y esta:

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