Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Carmen Lomana on the Economic Crisis

A friend from Spain just sent me the video, above, from a Spanish national TV program that follows a woman (famous for being among the few in the country that buys couture) on a shopping spree in Madrid. When asked about the economic crisis, she says she has become more selective when buying (then you see her putting aside a supremely tacky Dior diomond encrusted watch).

She also said that the poor "the ones that beg", have always been poor, so "they are used to this". But some of her friends are the ones really having a hard time. They have assets but they are tied up or devalued, and they are in a bind because they don't have access to "cash" (she says the word in English). Then they ask her if she shops at mercadillos which are market fairs, or flea markets, where everyone shops even richer people who go slumming there. She says she has never been to one!

Her terrifyingly ageless wax mannequin face was vaguely familiar, and of course, she had been featured in one of the HOLA articles that opens each issue, an in depth interview with a millionaire that shows off their vulgarly ostentations ginormous home/vacation home/yacht. In hers, she protested that she did not want to known for being solely a rich widow who spent all her time jetting around the world, buying couture. Then in the spread you see her talking about her closets organized by designer......Below is her "c.v." taken from another Spanish glossy called Diez Minutes, not as prestigious as HOLA but maybe the third rung down, below SEMANA.

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