Monday, June 29, 2009


Every night before the TVE (Spain's national channel) evening news one of my favorite TV show airs, called GENTE or People it covers the span of human affairs, from lurid to glamorous. Divided into "Sucesos" and "Sociedad" half of it covers things like decapitations (usually in small towns), wife beating, individuals with rare and disfiguring ailments, and horrible crimes. Sociedad deals with elegant parties, flattering interviews, gossip, and product placement. Awkwardly, sometimes a story about the Royal Family must be covered (always first in Sociedad) in contiguity with an extremely unpleasant grisly bit.

Typical segments from the Sucesos section:

Local prelate smuggles hashish to prisoners.

Local festival on hold due to neighbor's allegations that he was gored by a bull during an encierro.

Typical product-placement soft focus celebrity sound bite in the Sociedad section:

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