Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real Housewives of New Jersey Italianate MacMansions

Check out this article and the related videos of Caroline and Danielle's MacMansions in Jersey. They feature neo "European" Italianate-American-Baroque decoration mixed with 1990s styling. These massive homes -10,000 sq. foot range - include Baccarat chandeliers with cranes to lower them from the ceilings as high as Mt. Everest, massive Lladro figurines, wall-to-wall patterned carpets, "tropical" print wall-paper, 5,000K 10 ft. long carved wood sofas upholstered in paisley, incontinent Chihuahuas named Fendi, walk-in closets the size of 900K studio apartments in the West Village filled with beadazzled jeans, low-cut blouses, and lots of bling.

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