Monday, May 25, 2009

More on the Confused Miss Panama Contestant

The Miss Panama Contestant who has earned fame due to her confused reply to the question
"Who is Confucius?," "The founder of confusion." has spread like wildfire on the internet and television news media.

I posted about her here myself. Now I find out that she has her own Wikipedia entry and I noticed her name:
Giosue Cozzarelli

Again, Latin American beauty pageant contestants do not disappoint. From the grooming, to the evening gowns, to the national costumes, they excel. But it is in their names that they truly go above and beyond creativity and sheer phonetic poetry. GIOSUE. Is her mother called GIovanna Susana? Did someone in the family go to the USA and get the nickname Sue? We will never know.

But I have recently discussed with other latino friends our practice of composite naming. For example, all of the children's names are varied blends of the mother and father's names. Gilberto and Yasmin. Gilamin, Yasibelle, Yamil, Bertamin, etc. Fabulous.

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