Friday, January 16, 2009

Real NY Housewives (season 1): No One Does Their Research Better Than a Real New Yorker

Real NY Housewives: No One Does Their Research Better Than a Real New Yorker (originally posted April 13, 2008)

We know that New Yorkers have a reputation for being cosmopolitan, sophisticated, well-educated and traveled, street-smart and able to see through bullshit. So the Real New York Housewives should have braced themselves for the dark side of celebreality. I often wonder about the reality TV participants' intelligence. Are they not aware that when they speak to the "confessional" hidden camera that it is akin to an aside in a play -the audience can hear it and so can your reality TV cohorts!!!! Perhaps I am too naive to realize that they know this all too well and are seeking further protagonism by airing their beefs on camera and then remembering them in the inevitable "Reunion" show.

Similarly, thanks to the Big Brotherish research potential of the internet, we can all learn fascinating tidbits about them through and via the web. See the comments posted on the New York Magazine blog (url below) for bitchy insults and revelations about debts on property, nude photos and more! Sites like Property.shark (like HGTV, crack for those of us obsessed with real estate) and others allow us to spy on our neighbors or on our reality TV representatives!

Like me, most of the writers critique the women for not being "real" enough, they pretend to be the city's elite but we find them woefully vulgar and trashy. But what real NY billionaire would consent to this type of invasion of privacy - besides Donald Trump? And aren't the Real Housewives of Orange County also equally vulgar and mediocre? Maybe it's that as New Yorkers we want to be represented by women who seem more intelligent, better dressed and interesting than their Orange County counterparts.

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