Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Devorame. Otra Vez.

This is the best salsa sensual song. Ever. Titled, evocatively, "Devorame" (Devour me) by the salsa troubadour Lalo Rodriguez, the lyrics leave nothing to the imagination. Made popular in the late 1980s, I still remember fondly having to translate it into English while drinking margaritas at El Sombrero in the Lower East Side with a very uptight WASP date. Hot. The album cover for this song is priceless, "Un nuevo amanecer" (A New Daybreak) features Lalo in a blue silk robe, open to reveal his curly, hairy chest, he's in some kind of wicker throne chair and of course has a hot mami on either side of him. I don't know what I love most about this video of a live performance. The improvisation on the lyrics "Moje las sabanas...." the fucsia lycra body suit with lace up sides on the thighs of the dancer on the left, the Afro-mullet of the male dancer on the right.... For my loyal readers who speak Spanish, the lyrics are a real treat. Enjoy.

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