Thursday, September 11, 2008

Separated at Birth?

Cindy McCain seems to have a bit of Puerto Rican Neutral familiarity. She likes to wear metallics, rhinestones, lots of big jewelry, dyes her hair unnatural shades of yellow, and much more! She also has a Pageantry look and demeanor. Below, during her speech at the Convention, where she wore gold dress.

Hot Tranny Messs Cindy (or as my genius friend calls her "Cyborg") McCain bears an uncanny resemblance to hot tranny mess Ivana Trump. And the fashion also overlaps. In fact, the Puerto Rican Neutrals also tend to coincide with the Eastern European Neutrals.

The biggest difference is that McCain has not had fat from her ass injected into her lips, for which many of us are making a collective sigh of relief.

Here we can see in terrifying detail the work she has, and has not, had done. Note the plaster of Paris foundation that renders her face several shades darker than her skin, almost Beyonce-like in color. The woman is apparently only in her fifties, which disturbing because she looks to be about 75, but then, she's married to Senator McCain. 

Talk about a Cyborg. I saw him today during the joint photo-op at Ground Zero he staged with Obama. The man was barely able to walk or move and I am disgusted/fascinated by that weird lump on the side of his face, which I hope is not Skoal chewing tobacco. As he awkwardly shook hands with 9/11 first-responders or family members, he became agitated anytime he approached any body with a uniform on and began to repeat mechanically "Thanks for your service. SEMPER FI." (this latter expression much LOUDER) It was eerie and terrifying for real, not terrifying ironically as in my Mr. Blackwell fashion schandisimo analysis of his poor ex pill-popping Stepford wife. But I digress. 

Yes, in my own small tribute to the ailing Mr. Blackwell, I realize I must focus on her fashion and perhaps on that of the pitbull with lipstick on as well, but I can't bear to look at that one so it may not be possible. 

The CNN coverage of the joint 9/11 mourning photo op was just great because it was like C-SPAN, live feed, no omniscient voice narrating. I was mesmerized. I wish there was a news channel like this, you could see the awkward moments, the pauses, what they look like when they think that nobody is looking or things will be edited out. Obama was so much more natural in his interactions, he made eye contact and listened. People responded differently to both of them, it was clear that McCain was quite popular with many of the uniformed personnel. Two gave their pins to him and Cindy McCain. McCain just kept repeating the same thing, over and over. Creepy! 

And Cindy was there, walking the requisite 10 paces behind her husband, she may as well have been wearing a chador. Instead she had on an eveningwear suit that was quite 1980s as it had big shoulders and a puffed sleeve on top that then became narrow like a normal suit sleeve. Very Goth. The woman does not know from day wear, everything is eveningwear with her. A total Pageantry look!!! 

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