Friday, August 1, 2008

Princess Chunk

It's a long hot summer in New York City. The news is focusing either on the Olympics or on the Campaign, two seemingly endless national competitions. Yet New York and all of the US is obsessed by the World's Largest Cat, a 44 lb. beauty abandoned and christened "Princess Chunk" by her keepers. No one can talk about anything else. There are two elements that make the story even more topical. In a Summer when citizens were perplexed by the story of the transman who bore a child, and outraged by the wave of foreclosures while the US government bailed out big banks, lenders, and corporations, this cat's gender was mis-identified and the abandonment was due to the owner's foreclosed home. 

This story has elicited a sense of shared neighborly commonality -- the NYPOST even has a photo gallery submitted by readers of their own zaftig felines. I have to say that is has made me laugh harder than anything in a LONG time. Do NOT miss these photo galleries, disturbing as they are. I know, I know, people are starving and in the USA, pets are obese like many North Americans. But for once, let's surrender to these adorable animals and their perverse owners' naming practices. Of course all 3 readers of this blog know about my obsession with "unusual" names, and here is new horizon: pets! 


For the link to the NYPOST story including links to video of local news coverage and the FABULOUS reader submitted fat cat galleries, copy this to your browser:

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