Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP Choice: Miss Alaska????

Mc Cain's VP pick. It is almost parodic. This hot tranny mess is the Gov. of Alaska. 

A runner up in the Miss Alaska pageant (and you can see her pageantry hair to the left, worn with what looks like a North Face fleece and white pearls, naturally!), where she won Miss Congeniality. And we can see why, since they called her "barracuda" during her school days due to her competitive sports demeanor. She is apparently pretty butch, since besides basketball she is also a life-time NRA member who loves to hunt and fish (see above). Besides the NRA, she belonged to the "Felllowship for Christian Athletes" and is part of "Feminists for Life." She is also a Creationist!!!! There are many cynical aspects to this. 

I can only hope that this "Feminists for Life" membership , along with her pageantry background,  will hopefully insult disgruntled female HRC supporters, who will see through this ploy. She has five kids, one is in the Army and one is a baby with Down's Syndrome. The Governor says she kept her son because she is against abortion. That's a great way to instrumentalize the child for political PR purposes.

Clearly, McCain wants to siphon off disgruntled racist, working class gun toting males (the "hard working" people HRC referred to) who were supporting the Senator. But if he is saying Obama has no experience, then why is he picking a 44 year old woman with ZERO experience? Lest we forget, McCain is the second-oldest Presidential candidate (the oldest was Reagan, and we now know that he had the onset of Alzheimer's during this second term).

It also seemed an incredibly cynical choice to me, when I read that her husband is a Native Alaskan (Eskimo) and works for the BP oil company! Clearly McCain is doing a balancing act to try to appeal to the racist right winger groups who love guns, oil, and Jesus as well as hate choice. But at the same time, he is obviously trying to attract moderate HRC supporters with the illusion of "change" and "equality" that this choice might suggest. But I wonder, will those people support a woman? Likewise, would they accept a Native Alaskan, if they were too racist to accept a bi-racial man? Well, here is my answer, I just googled her again and found that her husband is 1/8th Native Alaskan, so it's a non-issue. Here is a photo of the Governor posing with her husband Todd, and her baby (who has Down's), Trig.


Leyla said...

everything you say is so true. this woman is like a bad sci-fi movie about the take-over of the world by scary chicks. not hot, scary.

Anonymous said...

The reps picked the wrong Alaska Republican. Lisa Murkowski is better qualified:
McCain is an idiot.

Petite Maoiste said...

I will look her up, interesting. I am appalled that he insults Democrats' intelligence particularly under-estimating the resolve of Clinton supporters, by picking an anti-choice woman as VP! Also, she is under investigation for ethical violations. This should be interesting!