Thursday, August 28, 2008

The End is Near

Besides the second Bush administration, the second 90210, or the Miss Puerto Rico reality TV show, other signs that the End is near include the odd monster sightings in the past few months, including the Chuapacabra-like being that washed up on the shore in Long Island, we also have quite a few apparitions of the Almighty in everyday objects or living things (including tree trunks, cheetos, Mexican tortillas and the like).

The Cheejus, as it was baptized by the Missouri woman who found it in her Cheetos bag. I am waiting for the Nativity Scene Funnyon.

The latest is Jesus' face on the wings of a moth. Usually regarded as an ugly nuisance, the moth has now been elevated to sublime and sacred. I am hoping that the next sighting will take place on a lady's long acrylic nail...If anyone else finds a case of miraculous apparitions, send them in and I will post them!


Anonymous said...

I saw his face in my kotex! Image coming soon...

AK said...

I'm going to make a grilled cheeze sandwhich now and I'm sure I'll see him etched in the ham.