Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Walter Sighting: The Astrologer Dispenses Beauty Tips

The bulletin below was sent in by one of my fabulous friends, an academic who is a scholar of all kinds of Visual Culture, and an expert on Boricua culture at large, after a Walter sighting at a place on the Island called, appropriately enough, FRESHMART:

He looked exactly like that when I saw him last week at a health food store in PR. Incredible style: white shoes, white linen pants and a shirt with pink little flowers. Flawless hair highly sprayed and fleshy, pouting lips.

He happily disclosed the use he would give to the organic potato he was buying: putting it raw over his face, as Harrison Ford and all the Hollywood stars do to combat unmerciful signs of age. When a guy in the line said, a bit mockingly, that he would try it too, Walter answered: "No need to. You look great."

go buy your potato now if you wanna look like that!

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