Monday, June 16, 2008

Miscellaneous observations

I've been super busy writing an article and getting prepared for a trip to Puerto Rico -- that will surely generate plenty of Real News, WTF? and perhaps even My Life is a Telenovela posts -- but in the meantime, a few observations:

1. Tim Russert: Very tragic and makes everyone I know regret that we won't have his point of view for this pivotal election. It also led to a number of conversations where friends of mine and I commiserated about our fears that if we continue to be workaholics we too will drop dead of heart attacks young. I found it moving to see the human side of the "liberal media" (because the people on FOX are completely out of the park when it comes to any expectations of human empathy or decency), to observe collegiality and even friendships across competing networks and cable outlets. However, why is it that prominent men, even my beloved Obama, fetishize the FATHER -SON relationship and ignore the mothers? 

2. Al Gore is endorsing Obama today. What took him so long? HRC conceded with as much good grace as she could muster many days ago! Even the NY Delegation stepped up the day after Obama got the requisite number of delegates. Does anyone else find this problematic? 

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