Friday, June 27, 2008

Ingrid Marie Bombs at the National Costume Competition

It's one of my favorite times of year: Miss Universe!!!!!! This year, I will be in Spain and won't be able to host my Second Annual Miss Universe Watching Soiree to which you must come in your country's national costume, or don that of another country you love. While in PR I noted the complete and constant coverage given to each day's activities in the days prior to the contest. Ingrid Marie donned "Taino" garb as her National Costume. It looked more like a West Indian Carnival outfit and I don't think we know what the Tainos wore, but we can guess that women went topless. Meanwhile, there was some bochinche about dueling Ingrid Marie handlers - she disliked her manager's mediocre work vis a vis the media, and another man on her team also argued with this woman. This man was interviewed in a local TV show "Te Lo Vendo Al Costo" and he was INSOLITO. First of all, he was wearing a polyester pinstriped shiny suit with pointy shoes and he kept saying that he was FUSTRADO (like saying one is FUSTRATED) by the situation. This can only cause me to feel dread about the people taking care of her in Vietnam. This would not happen to the Cisneros-led Miss Venezuela organization. However, here is the good news: a local Vietnamese paper singled Ingrid Marie as one of three front runners and Miss Venezuela is not pretty. So maybe we have a chance.

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