Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SJP at The Sex Premiere, London

Please note that Philip Treacy attached BUTTERFLIES to the fake rose in this hat! Shandisimo!!!!!!!!!! Is there a means through which one may be disbarred from the International Milliner's Association for this offense? 

The day before yesterday was the Sex & the City premiere in London. First of all, I am already hostile since the show is all about (me, oops I mean) New York. And what did they think, that this is the time before the telephone and internet were invented, so when they ask Londoners to keep the story and the ending on the DL they'll be successful? 

Then there are the outfits. Cynthia Nixon can do no wrong in my eyes. Ever. I saw her on the bus once and she is exquisite. Milky white rosy pink perfect skin (she just turned 40 but zero wrinkles even though I was "consoled" by my female relatives for my tragically dark skin by being told that "las blancas" age poorly since their light skin wrinkles easily), petite, the red hair is amazing on her. Perfect in every way. I almost passed out. Love the Calvin Klein on her. 

But SJP is another matter altogether. Clearly Pat Fields had a (sinister) hand in this one.

And clearly they were trying to "fit in" with the Brits by having her rock those RIDICULOUS "hats" that are inexplicably attached to the side and not the crown of the head, usually by Philip Treacy. In my opinion, the ONLY person who looks good in those hats is my IDOL Isabella Blow (above), but she is dead. So no one.

I have been soliciting comments from my catty friends, and urge those six of you that read this blog to do the same.

Here is some inspiration to get you started:

Jocelyn Wildenstein meets Carmen Miranda. (submitted by my friend AK)

Hat looks like something thrown out by a florists' school in New Jersey. (submitted by J)

Doing her best for the environment by recycling her Mother's day arrangement tethered to an ashtray.

Ditto with the dress - she went to Canal street and recycled a "satin" (polyester) duvet. 


Finchy said...

Soon to be starring in the WB's new sci-fi thrill ride, "Space Peacock!"

Petite Maoiste said...

As Britney Spears would put it "Gimme More"