Sunday, May 11, 2008

Puerto Ricans in the news - The Primary

My sister alerted me to McCauliffe's appearance on Face the Nation today (video above), amused by the mention of Puerto Rico's role in the nominating process. Clinton's campaign manager cruises down denial, bringing up the prospect of Puerto Ricans' votes for HRC in their democratic primary next month. Bob Schieffer reminds him that they have no vote in the Presidential election, and McCauliffe claims PR wants to become a US state. What, they will speed up approval of statehood (without regard for what Islanders think) just so they can get Puerto Rican votes for HRC in November? It's laughable and shows how desperate they have become.  

I love how suddenly the Island is in the news because of their scheduling in the primaries, and how we are getting more airplay than we have in years. Thus US citizens are hearing for the first time that we are US citizens, may vote in primaries, serve in the US military and yet if we reside on the Island rather than in the 50 states, we cannot vote for President. 

And given HRC's revelation that she is the candidate of "hard working White people" she will not be surprised to know that her alleged majority with Latinos does not seem to exist, at least among the Latinos I know, or randomly meet on the street, the supermarket, etc. all asking me where I got the "Latinos for Obama" pin or smiling and greeting me with comments about their support for our candidate!

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