Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards Endorses Obama

Edwards just endorsed Obama. There was clearly foreshadowing in the past few days, but I still plotzed when I saw this. This is just fabulous on many counts but especially as it will de-rail HRC's hateful race-baiting. Pat Buchanan realizes this and so is having a panic attack on Chris Matthews. He is actually defending HRC on her racist and condescending remark that she is the candidate of "hard working White people," claiming that it was the press that posited that "stupid White people" were needed for a candidate to win. I am delighted that Buchanan has finally owned up to what he really thinks about some of his supporters, White men without college degrees. And people who won't vote for Obama "because he Muslim." 

And now Buchanan is claiming that Obama's being African-American is an asset, and that he is winning based on the African-American votes. Would it be that there was a majority of African-Americans in the US. Sadly, what we actually have is a majority of ignorant assholes like Pat Buchanan with gun racks, the collected works of Thucidydes and all the other Greeks beloved by the Neo-Cons (and I know of what I speak I trained with said neo-cons in the 1980s as a Poli Sci major), pornography under their beds, and a Klan hood pressed and ready in their bedroom closet. Do people not remember what this guy was saying during his apogee in the 1980s? Why is he suddenly a pundit? 

And last night's discussion of the role of Puerto Rico was also priceless - here, Matthews attempted to seem even-handed about us but again did not distinguish between those of us living on the Island or those of us here who may vote for President, nor did he explain that the plebiscites are non-binding, only the US Congress may grant us "permission" to be Independent, or decide to make us a State. One of those telling "those people" was heard. And finally, Matthews wittily (or so he thought) asked rhetorically why those in the Panama Canal may not vote if a US Territory is able to do so. (For me, this raises the question, if McCain, born in the Panama Canal zone, may run, then can a Puerto Rican?) 

This is the kind of scintillating political debate we get in US television.

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