Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alleged Soon-To-Be Monegasque Consort Unleashes Fashion Enigma

I have been meaning to blog about this photo, shared by one of my lovely friends, whom we will call " Fellaysheeah" a week or two ago. For those of you who don't read HOLA! regularly (and I pity you for it) pictured here are the recently-retired South African Olympic swimming champ Charlene Wittstock and her beau, the eternal bachelor Prince Albert of Monaco. His Serene Highness recently turned 50 but has yet to get engaged. A bevy of female walkers have served as arm-candy over the years. But let's not go any further. What concerns me here is a matter of State. WTF is up with that DRESS???? Here are a few hypotheses:

1. for those of you who read this blog, go to my earlier entry "Panda Porn?" under Real News, perhaps she is trying to entice the allegedly queer "fauxristocrat" (my term) to schtupp her?

2. perhaps she is demonstrating her First Lady qualifications by giving a sartorial shout out to the emerging economic and political superpower that is China?

3. Prince Albert isn't subsidizing her fashion budget, so she turned in desperation to a Chinese wholesaler's polyester duvet cover provider to get cheap fabric for her ball gown?

Any other suggestions welcome!

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