Saturday, April 19, 2008

1980s Post-Traumatic Stress Fashion Syndrome and a Sartorial Surprise

Today I visited Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum with some friends. I always mean to document some of the fashion don'ts I see and discuss here (in the posts under Fashion Citation), but most often I notice them either while walking down the street very quickly or in the subway, neither of which are conducive to picture taking. The lines to enter the blockbuster gave me plenty of time to document a fashionista couple - one rocking an homage to Murakami meets 1980s New Wave fashion. This guy's outfit  brought back my recurring Bad 1980s Fashion Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It was completed with a faux-hawk, white Ray-Ban type sunglasses and a red man-purse (in Puerto Rico known as a mariconera). 

He was a very cute boy as was his companion, a Dominican brother rocking a very 1930s British Colonial Army in India Summer Uniform type look but perhaps the shorts are a bit more Lyndsay Lohan than Lord Mountbatten. Topped by a summer weight Kangol-type hat, perhaps a nod to representing the barrio old man look? The piece de resistance to this second ensemble were the au courant gladiator sandals, presented in VOGUE as the sandal for the season. But for men, I think these went out with Julius Ceasar? Still he was a cutie too and both get props for trying to stand out above the herd of baggy jeans, chinos, blah t-shirts and other generic boy garb.  

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